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Airport: Frankfurt International (FRA)


Current local time 07:27:03 Thursday 01.12.2022
Time zone UTC + 01:00
Demand calculation 23:02:59 UTC
Country Germany
Continent Europe
Runway 4,000 m
Airport size Mega airport
Slots (per 5 minutes) 11
Slot Availability 10%
Min. transfer time 01:30h
Nighttime ban nighttime ban between 0:01 and 5:59
Noise restrictions Stage II noise restrictions


2022-11-24 09:05 UTC FinnWings has opened a new station at Frankfurt.
2022-11-21 21:22 UTC Griffin Airlines has opened a new station at Frankfurt.
2022-11-17 12:07 UTC FlyRussia has opened a new station at Frankfurt.
2022-11-04 16:47 UTC Panama Air Services and Euro Connect Express have signed a new interlining agreement.
2022-11-02 22:46 UTC FlySmart Sudan has opened a new station at Frankfurt.
2022-10-29 17:19 UTC ITALIAN AIRLINES has opened a new station at Frankfurt.
2022-10-29 07:08 UTC Tarheel Air Bus has opened a new station at Frankfurt.
2022-10-26 12:37 UTC Russiawings has opened a new station at Frankfurt.
2022-10-22 16:49 UTC flyTbilisi has opened a new station at Frankfurt.
2022-10-13 10:01 UTC Aerolink Express have shut down their station at Frankfurt.
2022-10-11 08:20 UTC PeR Airways has opened a new station at Frankfurt.
2022-10-07 14:58 UTC Aguila has opened a new station at Paros.
2022-10-06 23:33 UTC Russia Regional Airservice has opened a new station at Frankfurt.
2022-10-02 09:31 UTC Euro Connect Express has opened a new station at Arad.
2022-09-30 12:03 UTC Blue Max has opened a new station at Frankfurt.

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Enterprise IL Weekly departures Flight schedule
Aeolian Air 342 Departures
Aerolink 23 Departures
AfrikAir 0 Departures
Aguila 224 Departures
Air Afrikaans 1 Departures
Air Kapok 70 Departures
Air Kapok Columbia 7 Departures
Air Kapok Connect 7 Departures
Air Kapok star 28 Departures
Air Lebanon 56 Departures
Air Lebanon UZ 7 Departures
Air Suez 21 Departures
American Airlink 14 Departures
Anemoi International Airlines 119 Departures
AS advisoryboard 0 Departures
BlueLine Guangzhou 84 Departures
BlueLine Hangzhou 40 Departures
BlueLine Zhengzhou 7 Departures
Canadian Shuttle 7 Departures
Compagnie Aerienne Francaise 175 Departures
Czech Arrows 14 Departures
DA Kuwait 7 Departures
DA Logistics Solutions 188 Departures
Dhiba International 28 Departures
DK Airways 1,967 Departures
DK Airways Regional 175 Departures
Elite Airline 26 Departures
Euro Connect 2,107 Departures
Euro Connect Express 322 Departures
European CityLink 49 Departures
EuropeanAir 63 Departures
FinnWings 7 Departures
Fly 2 112 Departures
Fly Kazakhstan 7 Departures
Fly Royal Falcon 35 Departures
FlyRussia 14 Departures
FlySmart Connect 21 Departures
FlySmart Sudan 0 Departures
flyTbilisi 7 Departures
Globe Cargo 330 Departures
Golden Falcon 7 Departures
Griffin Airlines 7 Departures
Harimau Airlines 7 Departures
Interafrique 14 Departures
Interafrique Tanzania 7 Departures
Iraqi Wings 48 Departures
Kenya Express 7 Departures
Kolkata Express 7 Departures
Kuwaiti Wings 14 Departures
Mediterranean Wings 49 Departures
Mela volante 14 Departures
Panama Air Services 7 Departures
PeR Airways 1 Departures
Royal Cambodian 7 Departures
Royal Netherland 171 Departures
Royal Netherland Cityhopper 14 Departures
Royal Thailand Airways 14 Departures
Russiawings 7 Departures
Sahaero 42 Departures
Schwanheim Aviation 0 Departures
Tarheel Air Bus 7 Departures
Trans American Airways 80 Departures
Trans Kyrgyzstan 7 Departures
Trans Moldova 14 Departures
Trans Pakistan Airways 7 Departures
Trans Port Air Freight 7 Departures
Turkish Wings 147 Departures
UK European Air 0 Departures
Ukrainian Airlines 49 Departures
Ukrair 28 Departures
Vietwings 7 Departures